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Daily OSM Tip: Meet fellow Mappers!

Hi and thanks for reading another Daily OSM Tip! This newsletter is currently an experiment. I rely on your feedback to make it better. Please send comments my way at!

I love meeting fellow mappers. One of my favorite things in OSM is the (almost) annual State of the Map conference. But those can be far away, this year it was in Florence, Italy. Here's a few ways you can find local events closer to you:

  • OSMCal, where local user groups post mapping and social events related to OSM. This is probably the first place to look.

  • Meetup, popular in North-America.

  • Local community map, where you can locate communities in your area.

  • Search for your city or town on the OSM wiki. Some local groups maintain an active page with useful links there.

  • Look for active mappers near you on the Who's Around Me? map. Send them a message on OSM. Perhaps they know of local meetups or you can propose to get together.

  • If all of that fails, have a look at all the other ways to contact other mappers and oranizers here.

Happy Mapping & see you next week!