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Daily OSM Tips: RSS and GPS

Hi and thanks for reading another Daily OSM Tip!

Today I actually have a non-OSM tip too. Sendstack - the privacy first newsletter platform I use to make this newsletter - does not support RSS feeds (yet). They say they are working on it. If you prefer to have an RSS feed though, you can create your own using Kill The Newsletter. It turns any newsletter into an RSS feed by creating a unique email address you can use to "subscribe".

On to OSM land! Did you know that you can also contribute your own GPS traces to OSM? You can record a GPS trace with your phone or a dedicated device, then upload the trace in GPX format to OSM.

OSM does not turn your GPS data into map data, but GPS data can help you, and other mappers, create or improve map data by showing the GPS traces a layer in the OSM editor, as you can see here:

Read more about this topic on the OSM wiki.

Happy mapping!