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Daily OSM Tips: OSM Streak

Hi and thanks for reading another edition of Daily OSM Tips! Please send your feedback to Because I am using SendStack, I have no idea whether anyone actualy opens these emails, how long you read them, which links you click and don't click, so I rely on your feedback completely to know if this is any good.

So today, an interesting little tool called OSM Streak. Thanks for Mastodon user iNaN for reminding me about it! From the OSM Streak website:

OSM Streak makes you do small tasks for OpenStreetMap every day. The goal is to map every day for at least a year. Tasks are small, five minutes each. The point is to map every day, not map as much as you can. Persistence pays off.

A Telegram bot is available that can remind you to do your daily task.

Give it a try!

Happy Mapping,