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Daily OSM Tip: Planet Files

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OSM is free and open data, which means that you can download the entire map! You can simply go to and download the latest "planet" file. It comes in a special format called "PBF". You will need special tools to actually do anything with it: Desktop GIS programs like QGIS understand PBF files but the entire world is way to big to load.

Fortunately there are several ways to get smaller chunks of the map: the German company Geofabrik has country-sized PBF files, and there's a site called BBBike that even lets you draw your own boundary to generate a file to download:

(Image from BBBike)

Using OSM data is a big, big topic. In the future I can write more tips for advanced users on how to work with PBF files if you're interested. Let me know!

Happy mapping!